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Flamma FS05 Multi Modulation Guitar Pedal

Flamma FS05 Multi Modulation Guitar Pedal
Flamma FS05 Multi Modulation Guitar Pedal

Spesifikasi FLAMMA FS05 Multi Modulation Guitar Pedal

FLAMMA FS05 Multi Modulation Guitar Pedal

Multi-Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
It offers 11 different modulation effects that every guitarist needs. This bright-yellow pedal is great for building a space-conscious pedalboard without sacrificing stereo functionality and tone quality. Each of the 11 effects includes a save slot and custom ctrl knobs that adjust different parameters depending on the effect. Rate and Depth knobs in each corner allow the user to make customized adjustments for all included effects.

modulation pedal

  • High-quality stereo & digital modulation effects.
  • 11 modulation effects from classic to experimental: chorus, flanger, tremolo, phase, vibrato, rotary, liquid, auto wah, stutter, ring, low bit.
  • 7 preset slots for saving your favorite settings.
  • True bypass to reduce signal loss.
11 Modulation Effects
11 high-quality and stereo modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger,Tremolo, Phase, Vibrato, Rotary, Liquid, Auto wah, Stutter, Ring, Low bit. Each one has been inspired by many individual stomps, both modern and vintage, to bring you the classic and vigorous sound.
Cost-effective Pedal
Flamma Innovation aims to provide musicians with high-quality, most usable, and affordable effects pedals. We always hear from musicians and create for musicians. Getting your recognition and trust makes us pursue forever.
effects list
Easy to Use
Rotate the TYPE knob to choose the modulation effect you want, and adjust the RATE, DEPTH, and other parameters by CTRL1 and CTRL2. Press SAVE/SELECT to switch between 7 different preset patches. 1-7 Indicators shows the currently selected preset patch.
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Optional Routing
Whether you want basic mono or true stereo, you will get it from this pedal. Digital and true bypass circuit design reduces your signal loss, which makes the effects pedal works better on your instrument and provides you more inspiration for your sound creation.
  • Power supply 9V DC (Negative inside. Please ensure the polarity of power supply is correct. Voltage value should be 9V exactly.)
  • Current Draw 300mA
  • Dimension 69.82x121.5x50.65mm
  • Weight 0.298KG

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