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FLAMMA FS02 Guitar Reverb Pedals

FLAMMA FS02 Guitar Reverb Pedals
FLAMMA FS02 Guitar Reverb Pedals

FLAMMA FS02 Guitar Reverb Pedals

Flamma FS02; Reverb pedal with 7 classic reverb effects; High-quality stereo input and output; Storable preset slot for each effect; Trail On function allows effects to fade out naturally; True bypass reduces signal loss; Power consumption: 9V, 300mA.
reverb pedal
Reverb pedal
7 Storable Preset Slots
Each effect can be modified with the Hi-Cut, Lo-Cut, Decay, and Pre-Delay knobs and then saved to their own save slot.
FS02 Reverb Pedal
This compact reverb pedal crams seven distinct digital reverb effects into a sturdy, metal shell and several
control features. The various reverb effects aim to simulate different environments from a small room to a
large, open cave. More niche effects are also included such as studio-style plate reverb, classic spring reverb
effect, and the more far-out modulation reverb effect.
  • 7 classic reverb effects: Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring, Mod
  • High-quality stereo input and output
  • True bypass reduces signal loss
  • Trail On function allows effects to fade out naturally
effects pedal

Great Reverberation Tone
Digital circuit design, and variety of reverberation effect provide more options for your music creation. The FS02 gives you 7 classic musical reverb effects in one compact pedal, including Room, Hall, Church, Cave, Plate, Spring and Mod.
Easy to Use
Based on the knobs and indicators, the user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Press the SAVE button to switch between the 7 different reverb effects. LED indicates currently selected effect. Adjust the selected mode with the Level、Decay、Pre-delay、HI-CUT、LO-CUT knobs to create your ideal voice.
Optional Routing
Whether you want basic mono or true stereo, you will get it from this pedal. Digital and true bypass circuit design reduce your signal loss, which makes the effects pedal works better on your instrument and lets you integrate better with any pedal chain.
Trail On Function
Trail On allows effects to fade out naturally after being turned off.
Power off pedal. Press and hold the footswitch while powering on the pedal to switch activate/deactivate Trail On function.
  • Input 2*1/4"mono jack (Impedance value 4.7M ohms)
  • Output 2*1/4"mono jack (Impedance value 100 ohms)
  • Power supply 9V DC(Negative inside. Please ensure the polarity of power supply is correct. Voltage value should be 9V exactly.)
  • Current Draw 300mA
  • Dimension 2.75 x 4.78 x 1.99 IN
  • Weight 0.66 LB

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