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Audiocore WCM-6440U Wireless (4 Mic UHF PLL Up to 512 Mic)

Audiocore WCM-6440U Wireless (4 Mic UHF PLL Up to 512 Mic)
Audiocore WCM-6440U Wireless (4 Mic UHF PLL Up to 512 Mic)

The Audiocore WCM-6440 is built using the latest technology for Wireless Conference System, with high end wireless modules and phase lock-up frequency to ensure the clarity of the signal and interference-free audio. This product is suitable to be used in large meeting venues or office meetings.


- UHF international standard frequency range without interference, The WCM-6440U has a broad UHF frequency range of 500 MHz~900MHz and has a 64 selectable frequency for each channel, up to 512 microphones in total can be used simultaneously in one system.

- Multi-adjusting frequency (several set can be used simultaneously up to 512 microphones)

- The WCM-6440U has a micro-processor control and phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology

- Multi-channel high quality sound surface wave filter with high quality anti-
interference system

- Equipped with LCD screento monitor the working parameters, easy to read and user friendly

- Equipped with adjusting knob in the receiver modules

- Professional audio output : XLR balanced output and 6.3 unbalanced output

- Auto-mute and noise canceller circuit, eliminating the noise when user turn the mic on  or off

- Using a reliable SMT production for high-end conference system


Technical Specifications

Receiver’s parameters

Mode of oscillation: Phase-locked loop frequency synthesis
Frequency range: UHF 500MHz-900MHz
Frequency stability:±0.001%
Maximum frequency deviation: ±30KHz
Modulation system: FM
Signal-to-noise ratio: >105dB
Distortion factor:<0.5%@1KHz
Power supply: DC 12V-17V
Audio output: Independent :0~+400mV
Hybrid : 0~+300mV
Power : 6 W

Transmitter Parameters

Power supply: DC3V(1.5V AA*2)
Power consumption:100mA
Carrier frequency: UHF 500MHz~900MHz
Frequency stability:±25KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio:>105dB
Adjacent frequency interference ratio:>80dB
Dynamic range: ≥100 dB
Type: Capacitance
Polarity Mode: Single direction
Frequency response: 40Hz~20KHz

System Parameter

Working frequency: UHF 500MHz~900MHz
Modulation system: FM
Channel spacing:500KHz
Frequency stability: ±0.001%
Dynamic range: ≥100dB
Maximum frequency deviation: ±30KHz
Frequency response: 40Hz~20KHz
Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio:>105dB
Comprehensive distortion factor:<0.5%@1KHz
Operating distance: about 100 meter( open spaces without interference)
Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃

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