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Audiocore AW-3020

Audiocore AW-3020
Audiocore AW-3020

Audiocore AW-3020 wireless (2 mic Handheld)

The Audiocore AW-3020 wireless system is specifically designed for a complicated environment with lower cost and still crystal-clear sound quality. The system has 10 different group settings, and each group consists of 16 interference-free receiving channels. Supporting up to 16 systems working together. The system is capable of searching vacant channels automatically, and synchronizing with transmitter accurately. Particularly suitable for a variety schools, churches, multi-functional conference rooms and other places require a multi-unit application.

Audiocore AW-3020 Dual-Channel Receiver specifications :

  • Patented PLL Receiver circuit
  • LCD display with amber backlight clearly indicates all status in one place.
  • Digital volume control system coupled with tactile switches simplifies setup and operation.
  • Battery indicator monitors the transmitter and feedback at a real-time usage.
  • 7 levels mute control
  • 7 RF levels and 8 AF levels display system
  • Automatically sync-locked with transmitters via infared interface

Audiocore AW-3020 Handheld Transmitter Microphone specifications :

  • LCD screen with amber backlight indicates group no., channel no., battery light, RF power, AF gain, sync and locked status
  • Adjustable receiving gain control circuit for us in different environments
  • Adjustable RF power 5mW10mW/30mW for different environments
  • Wireless sync of transmitters via infared interface
  • Embedded power switch design prevents a wrong operation

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