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Audiocore PA-0820

Audiocore PA-0820
Audiocore PA-0820

 Audiocore PA-0820 Wireless PA System

• Automatic power control, no distortion in any power output, guaranteed!
• Using the Class D amplifier, drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of energy and extending the battery life.
• Support wireless broadcast, unlimited wireless speakers can be interconnected to create a wireless System.
• Hidden levers and pulleys design for simple appearance, and easy to carry around.
• With optional built-in Handheld or bodypack transmitter, Available options are : PA-0820 (dual handheld) and PA-0811 (one handheld and one bodypack tranmitter), easy to carry and to store anywhere.
• Audio link function (relay), a series of multiple systems can be used and connected simultaneously to meet PA requirements for big events.
• Built-in professional CD / DVD module (for PA-0820D and PA-0811D models), Bluetooth module and UHF wireless receiver module.
• Separate control knob for all audio input (voulme, bass, and treble control knob).
•Built-in rechargeable battery and automatic charging device, it takes only 4 hours for the system to be fully recharged.

Technical data and specifications :

• Max.Power Output :200W/8Ω Load
• Distortion:<0.5%
• Frequency Response :80Hz-18KHz
• Input:Wireless Receiver / CD / wired microphone / line input / Bluetooth
• Bass :8”8Ω 95dBd/1W/1m 45HZ-5KHZ
• Tweeter: 4” 8Ω 105dBd/1W/1m 2.5KHZ-16KHZ
• Power Supply :AC 90-260V switching power
• Batt :12V/4.5Ahx 2
• Recharge Time :About 4-6 Hour
• Receiver Module: UHF band
• Wired microphone:any compatible brand
• Wireless microphone :Dual Handheld
• Output :Speaker/Speaker out(switched)/Line out
• Dimension:550mmx350mmx345mm
• Weight:15KG
• Color:Black

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