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Yamaha DD-75

Yamaha DD-75
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Yamaha DD-75

The Yamaha DD-75 Is a Versatile, Portable Drum Set for the Digital Percussionist

ANAHEIM (January 19, 2017) — Yamaha today introduced the DD-75, a portable digital drum set perfect for novice users or for players of other instruments who want inspiring rhythm backup.

Compact, affordable, and designed from a drummer's point of view, the highly anticipated follow-up to the DD-65 incorporates drum kit sounds from the popular DTX-Multi12 Electronic Percussion Pad. The DD-75 also features brand new world percussion kits and electronic drum sounds and has eight touch-sensitive pads and two pedals, its layout mirroring a traditional drum set with a fraction of the footprint.

Because of its compact design and ability to be powered by 6 size "C" batteries, the DD-75 can be taken anywhere, so practice doesn't have to stop when drummers leave the house. Musicians can even add it to an existing acoustic drum set to create a hybrid electro-acoustic setup.

The DD-75 is purely digital and allows drummers to adjust their volume or practice in privacy with headphones. It also includes a robust sound system, featuring a bass port to support the stunning, high-definition drum Voices. The AUX IN jack allows the user to connect their portable music player and play along with their favorite songs while they hear everything from the onboard speakers. Switching between voices and features is easy and intuitive.

"The DD-75 digital drum set is one of the more unique offerings from Yamaha that fills a necessary need in the marketplace. It's incredibly versatile, sounds great, has innovative features, but takes up a small footprint," said Mark Anderson, director, EKB products, Yamaha Corporation of America. "Faster to set up than a guitar player's rig, and taking up less room than a keyboard player's gear, the DD-75 is perfect for aspiring drummers and weekend warriors everywhere."

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Yamaha DD-75 (MSRP: $319.00) drum set will ship in June 2017.

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