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Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit
Our Universal Guitar Care Kit is the perfect add-on to any guitar purchase! The kit will include everything a guitarist needs to keep their guitar looking just like new. Components include: (2) soft microfiber cleaning cloths, (1) 4oz. bottle of guitar polish, (1) guitar peg winder and a set of (3) ..
Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage GTA4000 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner w/
The GTA4000 Chromatic Tuner is well-suited for guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, and similar instruments. Its tactile transducer picks up vibrations directly through the body of the instrument. This means the GTA4000 works with acoustic or electric instruments without the need for cables, even..
Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage KSP100 Keyboard Sustain Pedal
A full size piano-style pedal that is perfect when you need a sturdy and responsive control over sustain! This high-quality pedal features a polarity switch making it compatible with virtually any keyboard. The heavy-duty spring allows for better control and durability. Compatible with any electroni..
Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage LPT6000 Multi-Purpose Laptop Stand
A step up from its predecessors, the new LPT6000 adds a 2nd level tray for additional laptop equipment and/or accessories. The LPT6000 can stand alone on any flat surface for quick and easy set-up or clamp to virtually any table, rack case or other DJ equipment with 2 included mounting brackets. It ..
Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage MBS7500 Professional Studio Boom Arm
The MBS7500 is our best studio boom arm. It has the features you need for professional broadcast, webcast, and studio applications. Unlike other models, all of the MBS7500's mechanical components are internal, leaving a slim and simple look that takes up less space and matches contemporary studio ge..
Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage MSA7011 U-Mount Clamp-On Bookplate
Make your mic stand also your music stand! The MSA7011 utilizes the patented u-mount clamp design to lock onto any tubing up to 19 mm (3/4" in diameter.) The compact 12-1/4" x 10-5/8" bookplate fits into tight places but still allows for substantial music scores thanks to a 1" lip. Height and angle ..
Brand: On Stage Model: On-Stage Stands EuroBoom MS7801W Tripod
An Affordable Touring-tough Mic StandThe On-Stage Stands Euro Boom MS7801W microphone stand is offers reliable support and heroic durability, which has long made it one of the most popular mic stands at Sweetwater. This surprisingly affordable microphone stands features a 30..
Brand: On Stage Model: On Stage TCM1900 U-Mount Universal Grip-On
There are holders, and then there's the Grip-On Mounting System from On-Stage! It's the fast and easy way to mount your mobile device to everyday objects and surfaces. The u-mount is the ideal balance of ease and hands-free convenience. Once you try the Grip-On u-mount holder, you'll want to use you..
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