• Ibanez RGRT621DPB - Transparent Purple Burst Flat

Ibanez RGRT621DPB - Transparent Purple Burst Flat

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Ibanez RGRT621DPB - Transparent Purple Burst Flat
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Hardtail RG Standard: Born to Rock

The Ibanez RGRT621DPB solidbody electric guitar is purpose-built for high-speed, low-drag playability. It all starts with the seductive and aggressive RG body, topped with stunning exotic poplar burl. The RGRT621DPB also packs a fast-playing maple Wizard III 5-piece maple/walnut through neck and a resonant, well-balanced mahogany body. You'll love how this guitar feels as soon as you pick it up. And it sports two hot DiMarzio humbuckers that complement each other beautifully, delivering a massive arsenal of tone that's perfect for rock, blues, metal, and fusion. Get your hands on an Ibanez RGRT621DPB solidbody electric guitar for impressive feel and tone, and great value too.

Classic RG performance

The Ibanez RG series of guitars has remained a standard in rock music for the last couple of decades, thanks to the effortless playability of its Wizard neck. Switching between chording and soloing is effortless on this slim-profile neck. And the RG body style's aggressive lines strike an imposing look onstage while being expertly contoured and ensuring a comfortable playing experience. Guitarists at Sweetwater love the feel and playability of Ibanez's RG guitars when it comes to fast, precise fretwork.

It's all about the Tone Zone

With two DiMarzio humbucking pickups and 5-way switching, you'll be able to shape your tone any way you like on the RGRT621DPB. This axe has a DiMarzio Tone Zone stationed at the bridge. Now, the Tone Zone is hot, but it has a wider dynamic range than most "hot" pickups. Pick delicately, and it serves up tasty cleans; dig in, and you've got truckloads of power for full-shred mayhem. This humbucker has powerful bass and low-mid response to reinforce your bottom end, making for a massive overall sound. High notes have depth, and chords sound enormous. DiMarzio's patented dual-resonance coils deliver plentiful overtones, giving you much more dimensionality than you'd expect from such a fat-sounding pickup.

The Air Norton is a fabulous neck pickup

In the neck position, the Ibanez RGRT621DPB rocks a DiMarzio Air Norton. Deep and warm toned — but not muddy — the Air Norton may well be the ultimate neck humbucker. This pickup’s hot, but not distorted. It even delivers beautiful harmonics — rather unusual for a neck humbucker. Air Norton's patented magnetic structure reduces string pull, giving you improved sustain, while your pick attack and dynamics remain expressive and completely controllable. In summary, this superb guitar delivers a huge range of tone. From chimey cleans to crunchy growl to searing leads, the Ibanez RGRT621DPB has you covered.

Fixed bridge stability for rock-solid tuning

The Ibanez RGRT621DPB sports a fixed bridge, which gives you the peace of mind that comes from rock-solid tuning stability. From standard to lowered tunings, your guitar's pitch will remain more stable, and the string tension will feel more consistent. Also, when you change tunings on the fly, they will be ready to go without messing with a vibrato bridge or loosening locking nuts. Many also attribute greatly increased sustain and a fatter overall tone to the way hardtail bridges transfer the string's energy directly to the guitar's body.

Ibanez: a brief history

Ibanez began its life in 1908 as the Hoshino Gakki company in Nagoya, Japan. However, the company didn't get into the guitar business until 1929, when they started importing Salvador Ibanez guitars from Spain. In 1935, Hoshino Gakki began building Spanish acoustic guitars under the "Ibanez Salvador" name, which was later shortened to "Ibanez." Although Ibanez began manufacturing electric guitars in 1958, the company was relatively unknown in the West until the 1960s, when they started producing guitars based on American designs. By the late 1980s, Ibanez had stopped producing derivative guitars and had begun manufacturing the original designs that the company is now known for. Ibanez is also famous for their effect pedals (most notably the Tube Screamer) and guitar amplifiers.

Ibanez RGRT621DPB Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Sleek, comfortably contoured mahogany body with stunning poplar burl top
  • Wizard III 5-piece maple/walnut neck-through
  • Jatoba fingerboard with shark tooth inlays and 24 jumbo frets
  • DiMarzio Air Norton humbucking neck pickup
  • DiMarzio Tone Zone humbucking bridge pickup
  • 5-way blade pickup selector switch
  • Fixed bridge for tuning stability and epic sustain
  • Black hardware
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