• Ibanez Premium S1027PBF - Cerulean Blue Burst

Ibanez Premium S1027PBF - Cerulean Blue Burst

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Ibanez Premium S1027PBF - Cerulean Blue Burst
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Premium 7-string Electric from Ibanez

The Ibanez Premium S1027PBF 7-string solidbody electric guitar delivers much more than the extended range of a 7-string guitar. Treated to the Prestige fret-edge finishing process, the panga panga fretboard feels smooth and has incredible response and playability. A pair of DiMarzio PAF 7 ceramic humbuckers delivers '50s-style humbucker tone and playing response. And the Gibraltar Standard II-7 hardtail bridge helps create epic sustain and superior note definition. If you expect more from a 7-string guitar than just an extended note range, you'll be impressed with the Ibanez Premium S1027PBF 7-string.

Your fingers will fly on this super-fast Wizard-7 neck

One of Ibanez's fastest necks to date, the Wizard-7, 11-piece panga panga/maple/walnut/purple heart neck on the S1027PBF is an absolute pleasure to play. This slim and super-comfortable neck lets you pull off lighting-fast runs and arpeggios with ease, but it still gives you the substance you need for gripping chords. From the first time you wrap your hand around the Premium S1027PBF's Wizard-7 neck, you'll know you have a guitar that was built for performance.

Fixed-bridge stability, sustain, and articulation

The Ibanez Premium S1027PBF sports a Gibraltar Standard II-7 fixed bridge — a dream come true if you prefer a hardtail axe. Sweetwater guitarists love the Gibraltar Standard II-7's extremely low profile, which offers the comfort of a traditional floating tremolo with the exceptional stability and reliability you can only get from a fixed bridge.

'50s PAF Humbucker Tone

The DiMarzio PAF 7 humbucking pickups make the Premium S1027PBF sound like a vintage '50s guitar. DiMarzio found that using a ceramic magnet gives the PAF 7 a lower magnetic pull like an Alnico 2 or 3, but with the sonic intensity of an Alnico 5. The ceramic magnet maintains clarity on lower notes, and DiMarzio's Virtual Vintage coil technology enhances girth on higher notes while also providing the pleasingly spongy feel of a vintage humbucker.

Ibanez Premium S1027PBF 7-string Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • 16mm poplar burl, walnut, curly maple, and panga panga top and African mahogany body provides a complex tonal response
  • Prestige fret-edge treatment for ultra-smooth feel
  • 11-piece panga panga/maple/walnut/purple heart neck
  • Wizard-7 neck is stronger and more resonant than 1-piece necks
  • Gibraltar Standard II-7 hardtail bridge for maximum sustain and tuning stability
  • DiMarzio PAF 7 ceramic humbucking pickups deliver vintage PAF tone and feel
  • Extended sonic range and premium appointments
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