• Fender Japan Hybrid 60s Stratocaster RW Burgundy Mist Metallic

Fender Japan Hybrid 60s Stratocaster RW Burgundy Mist Metallic

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Fender Japan Hybrid 60s Stratocaster RW Burgundy Mist Metallic
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The Fender MIJ Hybrid 60s Stratocaster RW Guitar in Burgundy Mist Metallic is a limited-edition model that was "Made in Japan" to Fender's impeccably high standard. The name "Hybrid" denotes a melding of classic style, playability and tonality, with modern hardware appointments to ensure a winning partnership. Whether you're new to the guitar or are a seasoned pro, the MIJ Hybrid 60s Strat is a dream model for any player to get stuck into. Each model is supplied with a gig bag, so that you can get out and about in style.

Classic Strat body

The Fender MIJ Hybrid 60s Strat is shaped to the enduring profile that established its legacy. The instantly recognisable double-cutaway body profile, has been the inspiration behind many a guitar legend's masterful performances. The ergonomically shaped contours and softly bevelled edges combine to create a figure-hugging fit that defines the Strat's 'feel'.

The body is crafted using alder, a Fender favourite that has been utilised since the Strat's inception. Boasting a lightweight feel and a balanced tonality with slight mid-range emphasis, alder is perfect for those who crave freedom to move around and sculpt their tone with considerable complexity. The body is finished in a burgundy mist metallic, which is protected by a slender yet resilient polyester coating. In keeping with the traditional vibe, a 3-ply mint green pickguard protects the top around the pickguard and control knobs.

Slick Strat neck design

Fitted to the body using a solid 4-bolt joint, is a supple maple neck that is shaped to an accommodating "U"-shape profile. Thanks to a coating of satin polyester to the back of the neck, your fretting hand can glide along freely, without tackiness or stickiness from impeding your movement. Paired with the neck is a 21-fret rosewood fingerboard, which is decorated with white dot position inlays to guide you along in discreet fashion.

Single-coil Strat pickups

The Fender MIJ Hybrid 60s Strat is equipped with a trio of Fender USA vintage Strat pickups, which deliver the classic tones that have made the Strat such a covetous model. From bright country twang to fat bluesy smoothness, from articulate funk to mellow jazz sweetness, these beauties can do it all with ease. Aged white plastic control knobs allow you to tailor the neck and middle pickup tones to suit, whilst the master volume pot lets you dial in or out just the right level to meet your needs. Adjustment is as smooth as can be, and a wide range of tones can be plucked using the 5-position pickup selector switch, giving you complete tonal mastery in the studio and on the stage.

Gig-ready hardware

The Fender MIJ Hybrid 60s Stratocaster is home to the 2-point synchronised tremolo with vintage-style stamped steel saddles, which creates a seamless connection between strings and body to optimise intonation and sustain, whilst ensuring peerless vibrato control. The headstock is home to vintage-style locking tuning machines, which offer smooth adjustment when needed, and steadfast stability at all other times.

The Fender MIJ Hybrid 60s Stratocaster RW Guitar in Burgundy Mist Metallic looks and plays like a dream, giving you the best of both worlds at an affordable price.


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