• Budda Karma Chorus and Vibrato

Budda Karma Chorus and Vibrato

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Budda Karma Chorus and Vibrato
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Chorus and Vibrato in a Single Pedal

The Budda Karma Chorus pedal lets you add lush and vibrant modulation effects to your guitar tone. Thick, swirling chorus is only the start of what the Karma Chorus offers. In addition to the standard speed, depth, and level chorus controls, there's also a vibrato effect you can blend into the mix. Better still, the vibrato section has its own footswitch, so you can toggle it on the fly. If you're looking for a new signature sound to inspire your creativity, then it's time to add a Budda Karma Chorus pedal to your guitar rig.

Budda Karma Chorus Guitar Modulation Effects Pedal Features:

  • Chorus and vibrato stompbox effect for guitar
  • Standard depth, speed, and level controls let you define your chorus sound
  • Vibrato effect with blend control lets you augment your chorus sound
  • True-bypass circuitry preserves your tone when the pedal is not engaged
  • Heavy-duty steel case is built to last

Add cool and exciting modulation effects to your guitar rig with a Budda Karma Chorus pedal!

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