• Adam Audio T8V 1x8 inch 90 watt Monitor Speaker

Adam Audio T8V 1x8 inch 90 watt Monitor Speaker

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Adam Audio T8V 1x8 inch 90 watt Monitor Speaker
Adam Audio
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Do I really need this?

Choosing a set of monitors that work for you is one of the most important music-making decisions you’ll ever make – and we recommend buying the best you can afford. While many of the market’s top-tier performers will set you back four-figure sums, the trickle-down technology from ADAM’s more prestigious ranges means that with the T8V, you’ll get a high percentage of the top models’ performance for a fraction of their cost. Some midfield designs like these work best in the context of a more comprehensive monitoring system.

The T8Vs, however, are good enough to perform as the main monitors in many recording setups, as long as you have a large enough room and are able to drive them to high SPLs. A cavernous soundstage coupled with delectable detail and insight make the affordable T8Vs an ideal choice for those who desire a bass performance deeper than their pockets would normally allow.

Key Features

  • U-ART 1.9” ribbon tweeter
  • Polypropylene 8” woofer
  • HPS waveguide
  • Rear-firing bass-reflex port
  • 90 watts of RMS power
  • Frequency response 33Hz – 25kHz
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